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Writing Prompts and Goodies: Halfway there.

Here we are at the halfway point of INCOWRIMO! It is also Valentine's day. My valentine is behind me working on her letters as well, so we think some of you will be writing today as well. Today's entry will be short. Just some information, a freebie and a writing prompt.

Last year, I made my wife a mix tape for Valentine's day. The idea was born when my son asked me what a mix tape was and I told him, "When your mom and I were younger it meant you were in love." It took some doing though. I had to track down the tapes I wanted to use online amd a tape player . I found a decent one at Target and used a aux cord to record the music off my ipad. I used the ipad to craft the playlist and get the time right. It was awesome in a way that only people who are attracted to expense and inconvenience can understand.

My gift was very well recieved...and that is not the last tape I made. It is a lot of fun honestly, and I enjoyed the constraints of actually having to pick and choose songs. Infinite music takes the challenge away.

Here is my writing prompt to you: make a pen pal a mix tape. No, you do not have to actually make the tape. You get 90 minutes divided between sides A and B, 45 minutes a side. I average around 12 songs a side. We will call that the rules, the 12 song limit. Do not get hung up on time, its supposed to be fun, but do not put Rush 2112 on a side with 11 other songs! You creat the mix tape on paper and send it in one of your letters. It is a great way to change it up, give them a little view into what you are into without you having to explain it all, and a fun way to share music. Added bonus is they can probably look it all up on youtube, or spotify, or applemusic or something like that.

Now, while you are writing out your playlist, you may as well do it on the casette stationary I made! At the top of the main website you will see a new button "more." Under that is "Products and Downloads." This week we got in our stickers for this group! They are 2021 stickers for uncivilized letters, only available from me, and when they are gone they are gone. The proceeds are going to ensuring this site is around next year. You will also find free downloads I make for fun! This time I made a bit of casette filler paper stationary. Just download it, print it at the size you want and write on it. It is perfect for writing out your playlist!

Happy Writing and Happy Valentine's Day!

Brandon Bledsoe

The Ministry for Uncivilized Behavior

Care Of: Uncivilized Letters

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