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I guess you are all wondering…

Hello everyone! A very happy New Year to you all! In the past month I have seen an increase in activity on the website, people peeking to see if we will be hosting our exchange for INCOWRIMO 2023. Then I got an email asking. I'll get right to it, the answer is a very emphatic YES! We are! Uncivilized Letters is alive and well and we are happy to see all of you again.

Now for the details. I know it's been a bit quiet here, literally since last INCOWRIMO. That is because at the end of it, Katie and I moved to South Korea where we currently reside. Our lives have been very busy here, and continue to be, but there's no way we are missing INCOWRIMO. The change of pace means I haven't written a thing really since last year, but the break has been nice and now we are ready. We hope all of you are as well! I'll look over the website and update anything that needs to be updated, but the drill remains the same:

  1. You enter your information in the contact area, putting INCOWRIMO 2023 into the subject line, and your name and address.

  2. I will begin making the exchange which will go live February 1, 2023 (KST so a lot of people will get it a day early.).

  3. The exchange will then remain active for February and March (for those who need more time) at which point it will be deleted (not taken down. Deleted) April 1st.

  4. I will need your help to spread the word more than ever! Let's make it our biggest year yet!

Let's get signing up!

Brandon Bledsoe

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