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The Last Day: What Happens Next?

Here we are, 2-28-2021. We have made it to the end of INCOWRIMO 2021, and after 2020 I feel like we all needed it. Katie and I are almost 28 viewings of "You've Git Mail," deep and we are ready to close it out. I hope everyone has had a good year, that you got some new pen-pals, and that you enjoyed this website. So, what happens next?

  1. Katie and I said we would not decide if we were going to do the website next year until the end of the event, but we have both said that Uncivilized Letters will be back for next INCOWRIMO. WE WILL BE BACK! I was very encouraged this year, and I want to see what we can do with a year to prepare.

  2. I will be making content throughout the year hear and there. I did not have much time this year and I only managed a sticker and some printables. I will be doing more next year. My store is always open, as it is part of my regular business. I plan to do a sticker each year, and a postcard like the fine people over at LWA used to do.

  3. I plan to keep it this way, not a membership site. It will be open like it was this year, and like the websites we used to enjoy.

  4. I will leave the address book up until the end of March. At the end of March the list goes away as much as I have the power to make it do so. I will keep the website on I think, but it will mostly mothball and be dark. I am leaving it up until March for the people who are were unable to participate or just need to get caught up. Addresses can be added during that time as well. I believe in a bit of catch up.

  5. Starting DECEMBER 1 2021, the sign-up section will go live again, and I will start sending out reminders and such. Anyone who wants to subscribe to the site, please do! The sign-up will be live but the addresses will not be posted until 2-1-2022. I will be using that time to get everything typed up and ready. KEY DATES 12-1-2021 sign up opens, 2-1-2022 the list will go live again. Just like the good old days.

Thank you all for participating! I hope to see you next year!

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