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INCOWRIMO Traditions: How Many Times Can We Watch "You've Got Mail?"

I started writing letters years ago, it was an aspiration that started as a toddler who got to explore the inside of a post office where my family worked. Fast forward to 2015 and I find out about this little letter writing event that goes on each year and jump in a bit late. I did it on my own, made some good friends, and around 2018 my wife asked "what exactly are you doing?" She liked the answer well enough to start writing herself!

I will not claim it was started on day one, but that year while writing we started a tradition, as all the best ones are, unintentionally. Everyday during INCOWRIMO, when we sit down to write letters together, we watch the movie "You've Got Mail." Every. Single. Day.

She is in the United States Army, and when she started writing was even a drill sergeant, so some gaps are inevitable. Yet, we have persevered and can proudly say we have written letters in Texas, South Carolina, Tennessee, and New York. Yes, we were moving in 2019 and had to do INCOWRIMO on the road. Some letters were written in the car, and some on clipboards in hotel rooms and in the empty house with pizza boxes and to go cups, but we always were taken to our happy place Joe and Cathleen. D

Do we know the movie by heart? Yes. Does it get a bit grindy towards the end? A little. Do we also onw "The Shop Around the Corner?" You bet. We love to do this. It is time we take together and really gives us a time to reconnect with out pen pals and letter writing if the year has gotten to us. This tradition is responsible for me working up the courage to tell her I wanted a typewriter and well...

We are tea drinkers, and this year we brought the two together. Each night when we sit down with our weapons of mass writing and hit play on the story of little indie vs. big bad chain store, we have a cup of tea together. These are our INCOWRIMO traditions. What are yours?

Leave us a comment about your INCOWRIMO traditions! Best comment gets a boquet of sharpened pencils at the end of INCOWRIMO (totally real prize.)

Do not forget to share this site, this blog, the address exchange and INCOWRIMO in general. We started this page because we missed the old exchange and wanted to do our part for the cause, but we cannot do it without you spreading the word! Happy Writing!

Brandon Bledsoe

The Ministry for Uncivilized Behavior

CO: Uncivilized Letters

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Feb 05, 2021

I started with a Japanese pen pal 40+ years ago and have corresponded off and on with different people through the ensuing years. The Internet really changed things as I took the easy way out for a long time, but when I got into typewriters I also got back to putting things into the mailbox and raising the flag. I write my aging parents, my high school buddies, family friends who are ill, and elderly folks through the "Letters Against Isolation" program. Lately, I lucked into some classic fountain pens.

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