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This is The Uncivilized Act of Letter Writing, an INCOWRIMO page dedicated to keeping letter writing and the event of INCOWRIMO alive and well, and doing it our way.  This page is managed by The Ministry For Uncivilized Behavior, an art and zine publisher.  We need INCOWRIMO, and it needs us.  

Early sign up is now open!  Scroll till you see where to submit your address.  The list will not go live till 2-1-24.  We do not sell info ever, and I never ever answer SEO offers.

  Happy Writing!

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INCOWRIMO stands for International Correspondence Writing Month.  It is every February.  The idea is to simply send one piece of *handcrafted mail every day of that month.  
Many of us love to write letters, send postcards, get mail, etc.  Many of us started just to have to have an excuse to use the pencils, fountain pens, and typewriters we had collected.  The game is simple, you write a piece of mail, stick a stamp on it, and mail it every day in February.  If you miss a day, make it up later.  The idea is to send mail, not run an endurance race.

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The Short Versions

What’s Going On, Who To Write, and the Rules



INCOWRIMO.  Every day in February you write and send a piece of mail to someone.  That is it.  Most would argue that it needs to be “hand written,” and that’s the spirit of the thing, but some people just can’t.  Do what you do, I say anything but computer! Typewriter, pencil, pen, don’t be civilized, write letters.  If you need to type it on a computer, the point is people, connecting to people.  Let’s get writing.  

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Don’t know who to write? That’s ok.  We do.  There was once an address exchange that was massive and beautiful and I plan to bring it back again.  It’s easy:1.  Submit your address below.  2.  Go to the exchange and pick pen-pals.3.  One month after Feb 28, I delete the exchange, no questions asked.
You have to understand once it’s out there, it’s out there, but I will delete the book each year.  No comment section, just a bunch of beautiful command-f. 


The Rules

The idea started with the caveat that the mail had to be HANDWRITTEN.  I mean that is all well and good, but everyone is going to bend this to their own ideas.  For instance, I always said "anything but a computer," because I collect typewriters and I wanted to use them.  I think using a typewriter is still HANDCRAFTING a letter.  It is work! So here is the NEW rules.
Write mail.  Put a stamp on it.  Mail it.
What if I start late?  Start writing, it is the perfect time.
What if I miss a day?  Write a second piece one day.
What if I miss a week?  Cool, make em up.
What if I don't have time to write whole letters?  Write a bit each day and mail it each day, or send postcards. I love postcards.  
What if February doesn't work for me?  I will leave the addresses up for one month.  After March, come back next year, or email me, I will find you some pen-pals.
What if I can only use the computer because medical reasons?  DO IT.  People like mail.

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Thanks for submitting!

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     The Uncivilized Act of Letter Writing is my vision for INCOWRIMO. There were amazing resources available for addresses and information.  They have since gone and the ones that are available are not what I want.  I imagine others are thinking the same.  Instead of complaining, I decided to make the INCOWRIMO I wanted to see.  

     The use of this page and the address exchange is FREE for all to use. I will say that if you wish to help keep it going, you can do that two ways. is my PayPal, or you can visit my shop below.  If this pages is successful, I will begin making items geared towards it, postcards, art, etc.  You do not have to contribute, I volunteered to do this.  I just want to ensure this resource grows and stays available for us all, and we are funding it through our other projects for now.  Thank You!

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